Light App Design: Tencent Video Live Music Invite

This is a great example of beautiful lettering and modern design: talented illustrator Mr. Geng created some spiffy animated graphics for a beautiful HTML5 light app invitation by Tencent Video (腾讯视频) / QQ Music, promoting an upcoming Live Music event. For those of you who have WeChat or a QR scanner on your mobile device, go ahead and take a swipe the QR Code at the bottom of the image to browse the invitation (like most Chinese light apps, this creation was intended for short-term use and won’t be online long, so give a peep while you can).

Chinese Light App UI: Tencent Live Music

Chinese Light App Design: Tencent Live Music

Chinese App User Interface Design: Tencent Live Music

Chinese App Design Trends: Tencent Live mUsic

Chinese App UI Design Trends: Tencent Live Music