Hanyi Releases New Chinese Font “Banner Black”

Hanyi, one of China’s largest and most prestigious font foundries, recently announced the release of a new Neo-grotesque sans-serif, Banner Black (汉仪旗黑), touted as “a font that can breathe”.

Simplified Chinese Font Design: Asian Font Design Typography

As translated from the Zcool release announcement, here are a few words on the design concept and background:

“Hanyi Banner Black is a three-series font (long, square and flat) with a huge and complete character family. From the thinnest weight at 25 to the thickest at 105, and with a total of 15 style iterations, [Banner Black] can be used across a wide range of industry mediums….

“The font is less mechanical and more human, both fluid and cultured, orderly and penetrating. Hanyi Banner Black’s Western character set follows Neo-grotesque design styles similar to famous Western fonts Univers and Helvetica….”

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Banner Black can be purchased on Taobao here, or you can contact the company directly by calling +86-010-8827-5615, or writing hanyi@hanyi.com.cn.

Just for giggles, here’s a link to the entire Hanyi 2014 fonts catalog (PDF).